UX Design GPT: Your personal design thinking assistant!

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Introducing Your Personal UX Design Sidekick: The Ultimate GPT Agent! 🌟

Are you ready to revolutionize your UX design process with a touch of AI magic? Meet your new best friend: the UX Design GPT Agent, brought to you by Baps Patil. It's not just a tool; it's your creative companion, ready to tackle the design world with you. 🤖✨

Based on Design Thinking, powered by GPT-4 and DALL•E, this tool helps you work through the research, definition, ideation, prototyping, and test phases of your project—in non-linear fashion if you need! 🙌

✨ What makes this unique is that I've fed this GPT my own personal knowledge database from 6+ years of my past client work—generalized to help you with your next design project at work! Check out the images in the slideshow above to see the difference between GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and UX Design GPT. ✨


  • 🕵️‍♂️ Research: Like your personal research assistant, digging deep into user needs and surfacing golden insights! UX Design GPT helps you with research methodologies + when to use a specific methodology.
  • 🎯 Definition: Your go-to for defining the problem space, turning nebulous ideas into clear, actionable goals. UX Design GPT helps you with defining problems in a structured manner—like presenting detailed user personas in a neat table for easy readability.
  • 💡 Ideation: A brainstorming buddy sparking creative ideas and 'what if' scenarios, turning every session into an idea fest! UX Design GPT helps you with ideas + how each idea caters to your target user.
  • 🛠️ Prototyping: Offering DALL-E image creations and smart suggestions for prototypes, helping you bring ideas to life faster and more efficiently. Break down your design into smaller parts, ask for inspiration and watch UX Design GPT create images with DALL•E + provide external resource links to help take your design further!
  • 🔍 Testing: Guiding your testing strategy, helping you uncover user feedback gems to polish your design to perfection. UX Design GPT provides a step-by-step plan + how each step is helpful!

Why This Is Better Than The Free ChatGPT:

  • Stuck knowing what to do next in your UX design project? Ask UX Design GPT what you need and watch it guide you. My personal knowledge database combined with GPT-4 suggests the appropriate next step for the Design Thinking phase you need to tackle.
  • Going over the same ChatGPT answers over and over again? The problem is that you're not providing enough context to the bot. UX Design GPT requests the appropriate context while suggesting tips from my personal knowledge database.
  • Are you in prompt hell—too many prompts to get to what you want? The problem lies in the questions you're asking. UX Design GPT help you figure out where you're stuck and get to what you wanted sooner. Also, my personal knowledge database matches you with the right methodologies for each phase in Design Thinking.

Perfect For:

  • 🎨 UX Designers at any level who crave a little AI assistance.
  • 📈 Small teams looking to streamline their design process.
  • 🎓 Students and learners eager to dive deep into the world of UX.


A ChatGPT Plus subscription.


All responses and images are generated by OpenAI. I am not responsible for any of them. Please provide enough context for the GPT agent to be as accurate and efficient as possible.

While this is a free agent, you can donate if you want to—it'll help improve this GPT agent and build new ones! If you need help using this tool or want to improve your design workflow with AI, book a free call with me here:


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UX Design GPT: Your personal design thinking assistant!

12 ratings
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